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Successful Resignation

You have your job offer in writing, a great new opportunity at the right salary and you cant wait to get started. You then realise that you have to extricate yourself from your current position.

Employers know that you aren’t going to remain in your current role for life, but you need to be able to remove yourself professionally and maintain that good relationship.

Check your employment contract for notice period (you should have already done this anyway when providing this to your agency) so that you can estimate starting date with your new employer.

You will need to draft a resignation letter so that you can take it with you when announcing your resignation to your manager, to make it legal.

It should read something like this:

Your Name
Your Address

Your Managers Name
Company Name & Address


Dear xxx,

I would like to confirm my resignation from my post as JOB TITLE, effective from today’s date. As per my contract of employment, I am giving you 1 month’s notice, and therefore my last working day will be xxx.

I would like to thank you and XXX company for your support and wish you every success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Remember when you meet with your manager they may try to counter offer, tempting you with an increase in salary, promotion or training but remember these were only offered after you had announced your intention to resign. 85% of people who remain in their current position, accepting a counter offer will leave within the following 6 months.

Contact your consultant at F4P if you have any issues with regard to handing in your notice, they are there to help you.