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Online Timesheets

The weekly deadline for timesheets and holiday request forms is Monday at 4:30pm.

Your accurately completed timesheet requires your signature and your supervisor/manager’s signature.. It can be either faxed – 01483 688134 or emailed info@first4personnel.co.uk across to your consultant.

To download a copy of a timesheet please click below.

F4P Timesheet

How To Complete A Timesheet

Please make sure your timesheet is completed correctly. Missing or incorrect information can often result in delayed or incorrect payment, and it’s obviously in everyone’s best interests if this is avoided. Submission can only be accepted on a F4P timesheet or a substitute which has been authorised by the client and F4P. Please deduct lunch and breaks from your total hours to provide total net hours worked (breaks are unpaid). If you claiming holiday payment in lieu of working please add HOLIDAY to that day, and if you have accrued holiday you will be paid it.

Your timesheet should be faxed to 01483 688 134. Please do not post your timesheet or fax it to any other number, as this may result in a delayed payment. Alternatively you can email your timesheet to: info@first4personnel.co.uk

Your timesheet should be signed by you and by the client. Timesheets with either signature missing will unfortunately not be able to be paid. If you are a limited company temp, payment can only be made if an invoice accompanies your timesheet.